Visitor Center at Malarrifi

Opening hours: Every day at 11:00 – 16:00 Phone: 436-6860

Visitor center at Malarrif

The visitor center of Snæfellsjökull National Park in Malarrif was built from the old sheepfolds of Malarrif town and was opened in 2016. Interior that was present were used, such as mangers, sheep baths and other things that form the setting for the exhibition in the Visitor Center. The theme is the human and nature, how the human used nature to see their friends. All the senses are appealed to and visitors are encouraged to taste and smell.

There is a children’s corner where children have the opportunity to play with shells and bones. A small souvenir shop. Three restrooms inside and two restrooms outside, open 24/7. The outdoor area at Malarrif is a great place to relax for the whole family with picnic tables and playground.


At the end of Purkhólahraun on the south side of the national park is an old country town called Malarrif. Traditional farming was practiced there, and from 1917 lighthouse keeping was also handled by the resident.

During the dry season, when there was no water on Malarrifi, water had to be fetched for the cows, and then water was scooped up from the upper part of Vatnshellir cave. Malarrif was inhabited until 1991.The lighthouse was built in 1917 but rebuilt in 1946.

The salt house

In the Salthouse, you will find an exhibition that the students of Lýsuhólsskól put on in 2016 and manage every year. The main focus of the exhibition is to recycle, reuse and use natural materials for exhibits, in the exhibition you can find the various works by students, including drawings, sculptures and stones that have been transformed into strange creatures.

Visitors can participate in the exhibition by adding to it by drawing pictures or finding beach rocks and placing them.